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Golf and Turf
Stop dragging around loading and unloading your inefficient gasoline powered trash and water pumps! TrunkPumps mount to most Category 1 three point hitch tractors and are efficiently powered by the PTO, turning your pumping requirements into an easy one-person job. TrunkPump saves time, money, labor and fatigue while improving safety, energy efficiency and maintenance upkeep.

TrunkPump’s dewatering, transfer, trash and pressure pumps handle a wide variety of applications typical in construction, agriculture, grounds and turf management, golf course maintenance, highway and road building and municipal maintenance and safety.

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New! Skid Steer Hydraulic Pump

The latest addition to our expanding product line is our new TrunkPump Hydraulic Dewatering Pump Model TP-HYD3 which provides the same low-maintenance, one-person operation conveniences as our PTO tractor mounted pumps with the added benefit of being powered by skid steer remote hydraulics or other hydraulic power sources. These pumps are compatible with everything from a Bobcat® down to a Dingo®.

The TP-HYD3 pump provides a new dimension in pumping for construction companies, farmers and municipalities who need to move water or irrigate. The hydraulic TrunkPump features a rugged but uncomplicated design in a compact package unequaled by other portable pumping equipment.

A TrunkPump for Every Job

TrunkPumps come in a range of sizes with 2, 3 and 4 inch inlets with flow rates from 140 to over 500 gallons per minute and head pressure ranges from 80 to over 200 feet. We have a special model designed to work with the popular Ventrac/Steiner tractors.

The Proof is in the Pump!™

Our Guarantee is simple. If you don't love your TrunkPump, return it. No questions asked. And because you don't know when it's going to rain, and neither do we, keep the TrunkPump until you have a chance to use it—up to one year. Don’t wait—do it today! Contact TrunkPump for assistance with the right model for your requirements and the name of the dealer nearest you.